EZYDECKS ranges in
two sizes and specifications.

GLP-225 Construction Loading Platform


The GLP-225 Loading Platform is designed to withstand heavy loads in a compact space. It’s the heavy duty version of it’s predecessor GLP-223.

GLP-225 requires only 3.45m of spaces inside the building with a maximum loading capacity of 5000 kg’s

Platform Width2200 mm
Max Capacity UDL5000 kg
Max Reach5000 mm (5m)
Tare Weight2800 kg

GLP-225 General Arrangement – PDF

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GLP-346 Construction Loading Platform


If your project requires large loading areas along with heavy loads up to 6000 kg’s then the GLP-346 is just for you.

With a width of 3450mm it is the largest of our range. Required in-building length is 3.45m

Platform Width 3400 mm
Max Capacity UDL 6000 kg
Max Reach 5000 mm (5m)
Tare Weight 3600 kg

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