Ezydecks Construction Loading Platforms. The Safe, convenient and easy to use solution when lifting loads with a crane.

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Construction Loading Platforms


Construction Loading Platforms with new innovative design and unique features. Designed and engineered by Australia’s own engineers. EZYDECKS promises to provide the best support to our clients. You will be directly in contact with the design team for any questions and enquiries you will have.


EZYDECKS are designed to SAVE space, time, money and certainly workforce. It is capable of fitting into constrained spaces with our compact model being only 2200mm and large at 3400mm with higher than standard loading capacities so you can get more done, in all conditions.


At EZYDECKS we don’t compromise when it comes to quality and safety testing. As a result each crane loading platform coming out of production is tested thoroughly in our dedicated testing facilities by fully trained QA people to ensure quality and safety standards and requirements are met.


Being in the crane hire industry over 10 years gives us the extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to hire, transport and installation in such working environments. Therefore EZYDECKS to be the most cost effective solution in the industry for your highrise lifting needs.


First of all each product of our range are tested with their maximum loading capacities of up to 6000kg. Furthermore EZYDECKS crane loading platforms come in 3 variations. 2200mm/3t, 2200mm/5t and the 3400mm/6t.


Above all crane loading platforms in the market EZYDECKS Crane Loading Platform has a smooth slide and lock design that gives you ultra convenience when operating the loading platform. Hence making the Ezydecks probably the most innovative loading platform

Construction Loading Platforms

Designed and engineered by Grevillea Australia. Our Loading Platforms are manufactured to meet Australian standards. This makes 

Ezydecks even more reliable than its competition. 

GLP-225 Construction Loading Platform


Compact Loading Platform

The GLP-225 Loading Platform is designed to withstand heavy loads in a compact space. As a result It’s the heavy duty version of it’s predecessor GLP-223.

GLP-225 requires only 3.45m of spaces inside the building with a maximum loading capacity of 5000 kg’s.

GLP-346 Construction Loading Platform


Large Loading Platform


If your project requires large loading areas along with heavy loads up to 5000 kg’s then the GLP-346 is just for you.

With a width of 3450mm it is the largest of our range. Required in-building length is 3.45m.